Registration for the 18th edition will officially open soon!

The registration period will start and the case will be published on the 15th of September 2019!

Who are the participants?

Teams participating in the competition shall consist of 2 to 4 law students, who are enrolled at a university or law faculty accredited under national law to grant a degree that permits its graduates to enter any legal profession. Every team is allowed to register up to 2 coaches. We accept one team per university.

Who is in charge of the academic quality?

Academic Board

ELSA is pleased to present the following distinguished WTO law academics as members of the 18th edition of the Academic Board.

Ms. Marisa Goldstein

Mr. Markus Wagner

Dr. Dylan Geraets

Mr. Claude Chase

Dr. Gracia Marin-Duran

Prof. Henry Gao

Dr. Jan-Yves Remy

Ms. Illaria Accorsi

Dr. Pinar Artiran

Dr. Maria Corvaglia

Dr. Rodrigo Polanco

Dr. Vitaliy Pogoretskyy

Prof. Padideh Ala’i

Mr. Santiago Wills

Dr. James J. Nedumpara

Dr. Tommaso Soave


The Panel consists of world trade law experts willing to be active at the hearings. They are appointed by ELSA with the supervision of the Academic Board of the competition.

How much does the participation cost?

There are 2 different fees, a registration fee and a participation fee. In addition to that, teams have to bear the costs for the bank transfers.

Competition materials.