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Can a student who has previously participated in a Regional Round of the competition become a Coach for next editions?

A student who has previously participated in the competition can become a Coach.

How many fees does a team have to pay?

There are two fees that need to be paid for the Competition. The first fee is the Team Registration fee. It is EUR 250 and it needs to be directly transferred to ELSA. The second fee is the Participation Fee. The price will be set by the Regional Round Organisers as soon as they finish their final budget plan. That price includes all meals, accommodation and social program. If the team qualifies to the Final Oral Round, there is also the Participation fee, which does not include accommodation and all meals.

Would master's students (without a law license) be ineligible to participate in this Competition, because they work in a legal office?

Students which work in a legal office of a government or a private company are not eligible to participate in the John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition unless they are employed during the holiday periods and the respective internship doesn’t exceed the duration of three (3) months.

Clause B 1.5 of the rules states that the teams are supposed to be formed of 2 to 4 law students. Does this mean that the team members have to be from a law department or pursuing a degree in law?

A student participating in the Competition has to pursue a law degree.

Is it possible for a team to send in the Clarification Questions first, and register afterwards?

Teams that are not registered are not allowed to submit their Clarification Questions. Only registered teams may do this.

According to the rules of the Competition, all team members must be from the same university. In case two universities are not able to gather a team, is it possible to give distention from this rule so that two universities have one team?

Since this matter is resolved on a case to case basis, all teams that need this exception should contact ELSA under mootcourts@elsa.org.

Is it possible to request a spot in a specific European Regional Round?

We are unfortunately not able to grant a specific request regarding the division. We can not promise a specific spot to any team at any Round, regardless of the circumstances. The allocation of the teams happens by lottery and therefore it is not influenceable.