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Individuals interested in becoming a Panellist shall submit the Panellist Application form and a CV.

The deadline for submitting applications to ELSA International is the 1rst of December 2020.

The application forms will be forwarded to the Academic Board after the deadline, which will assess them. The applicant will receive an answer during the month of December about the selection results. Once selected, the Panellist will be provided with all relevant information (date, location, venue, travels) and material (Case, Clarifications, Bench Memorandum, Handbook).

Apply and help ELSA to ensure that the John H Jackson Moot Court Competition has the highest quality adjudicators, assisting ELSA to further its aim in providing clinical legal education for law students from all around the globe.


In order to be eligible as a Panellist, significant experience in WTO-related practice or research is required.

Applicants should have a significant background in WTO law.

This may be demonstrated through one or more of the following:

Trade Law knowledge and experience
Past John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition experience


Additional points that must be taken into consideration:

Conflict of interest with teams competing
Financial implications (travel and accommodation costs)


Panellists Application Form

    The regional rounds being virtual for this 19th edition, take a look on the dates of the rounds to make your choice.